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How To Sell Your Call Center Services

Selling your call center services requires preparation. It’s essential to sell your services to acquire a steady flow of clients. Follow these simple steps to make the process much easier and more successful.


Outline the Call Center’s Primary Purpose

First, you must establish what your call center offers. For example, your call center might provide customer service, tech support, or sales support. There are several types of call centers, too, including inbound, outbound, and virtual.

Then, research which services your competitors offer. This will help you to determine how to price your services.

Once you have a good understanding of the market, you can develop a sales pitch. This is a crucial step in selling your call center.


How to Sell Call Center Services

There are several ways to sell your call center services, such as online, through a broker, or by word of mouth.

Landing your first customer requires extra creativity since you won’t have a list of clients or references to draw from. Nonetheless, consider which channels you might use to sell your services. 

Offer Add Ons

The next step is to offer add-ons. This is how you increase the value of your services. By adding on extras, you make your services more appealing to potential clients. Examples of add-ons include appointment setting, lead generation, and data entry.

Some clients need call centers that can provide more than one service. In this case, you can offer a package deal. This is a great way to land large clients.

You might consider offering the following add-on services.

Close Sales and Take Sales Orders

Some clients seek call centers that can close sales for them and take orders.  If this is a service you offer, highlight it in your sales pitch. This is common for businesses that sell products online. They need someone to take orders over the phone or by email.


Another way to increase the value of your services is by cross-selling. This involves selling additional products and services to existing clients.

For example, if you have a client that uses your call center for customer service, you could upsell them by offering additional services such as tech support or sales support.

Recorded Messages

Many call centers offer recorded messages. This is a valuable service that can be used for marketing or training purposes.

Act as the Front Line for the Client

Another way to increase the value of your services is by acting as the front line for the client. This means that you would answer all of their calls and handle any customer service issues.

This service is valuable because it saves the client time and money.


Find The Call Center Services Value Proposition

The next step is to find the value proposition of your call center services. This makes your services unique and sets you apart from your competitors.

Some things to consider include the quality of your services, your customer service, and your pricing. If you know what the competition offers, build off that. You can also use this as an opportunity to showcase how your company is different.


Develop Business Proposals

After establishing your value proposition, you can start developing business proposals. This is how you sell your services to potential clients.

Your proposal should include information about your call center, services, pricing, and value proposition.


Write a Marketing Plan

The next step is to write a marketing plan. This will help you to promote your call center and attract potential clients.

Your marketing plan should include information about your target market, your marketing strategies, and your budget. 


Hire a Sales Team

Once you have a marketing plan in place, you can start to hire a sales team. This team will help you to sell your call center services to potential clients.


Network and Partner with Other Companies

The final step is to network and partner with other companies. This is how you find potential clients and market your call center.

Some ways to network and partner with other companies include attending trade shows, joining chambers of commerce, and partnering with marketing agencies.


Sell Your Call Center Services

By following these steps, you can effectively sell your call center services. By offering add-ons, cross-selling, and acting as the front line for the client, you can increase the value of your services. And by developing business proposals and writing a marketing plan, you can attract potential clients and promote your call center.